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Undead Dad
He's here to smash things that are troubling the kiddos of Indieville.
He's gonna take you out to lunch, and play catch with you! You know, dad stuff!
Just make sure your troubles don't involve other people...
and also make sure he's paying for lunch because he'll consume everything and want more.
OH. And don't play catch with him unless you want to catch a ball thrown with enough force to crack stone.
Other than that he's cool!

Money Earned: (Line art + Color/Shading + Simple BG) $30
[IV] Emerging
Arnie first emerging from his tomb!
Started out as a sketch, but I added color + lighitng and really like how it turned out

Additionally! Arnie is on twitter! you can find him @ ArnieUndying

Money earned: Sketch + color shading + simple bg = $80
IV - Arnie
:iconindieville: Bullet; Black :iconindieville: Bullet; Black :iconindieville:
Full Images
Bust | Fullbody | Gyro
Current Money:

■ Name: Arnbjörn "Arnie" the Undying
■ Gender: Male
■ Age: Arnie died when he was 31. He's been undead for nearly 8 centuries, but has only been free from his tomb for around 50 years. (If asked he will say he is 31)
■ Height: 6'9"
■ Race: Draugr
■ Ethnicity: Norwegian 
■ Romantic/Sexual Orientation: Homosexual/romantic
■ Class: Berserker

■ Job: None. Currently looking around Indieville trying to determine what would suit him the best.
■ Likes: Fighting, eating, being outside, spending time with other people
■ Dislikes: being alone, being stuck in small spaces, fire, puzzles/brain teasers
■ Favorite Food: Gyros
■ Items: Phone (90% for music and games), headphones
■ Weapon(s): Arnbjörn uses the binding stone as a massive bludgeon. With the chain wrapped around it he wields it as a deadly wrecking ball.
■ Personality:
+ Bellicose | Hardy | Protective | Sociable | Caring
Arnie loves to fight and spar. He grew up as a warrior and all he really knows how to do is fight. He's not intelligent or artistic but he's hoping he can find his place in this strange new world. He's strong and hardy in both body and mind. It takes a lot to bring him down and he can power through most difficult situations especially if there are those he cares about involved. He led armies and fought along side great and brave men and women. He knows a lot about bonds and relationships and is very protective of people and additionally possessions (his own and other people's). He loved feasts and spending time in inns with others. A bottle of spiced wine and a good atmosphere was all that was needed to have fun. This hasn't changed over the centuries and he still loves to spend time with others. Unless he's busy he most likely won't turn down an invitation to a social gathering.
- Stubborn | Dim | Greedy | Clingy
Some things didn't change with death. Even in undeath Arnbjörn is as stubborn as an ox. If he sets his mind on something it takes an immense amount of convincing to get him to do the opposite. It'd just be easier to cut off his legs in all honesty. Arnie isn't smart in the slightest. He's relied for centuries on his muscles and his luck. God forbid there be some kind of puzzle. Draugr don't just form on a random whim. They are brought back by their greed. Draugr tend to return to protect their belongings even in death. Arnie is still very protective of his belongings. He's worked hard to earn them and doesn't want others to damage his possessions. Being trapped in a solitary tomb for almost eight centuries was draining and tantamount to torture. He was alone for so long he's a little clingy when it comes to other people. If the night is coming to an end and a social gathering is separating, he'll try his best to keep it going or to convince others to continue to hang out.

■ Stats: 15 Stats +5 Berserker Stats [20 Total]

     TOUGHNESS: Bullet; Black Bullet; Black Bullet; Black Bullet; Black [Bullet; Yellow Bullet; Yellow Bullet; Yellow Bullet; Yellow Bullet; Yellow] [9]
     STURDINESS: Bullet; Black Bullet; Black Bullet; Black Bullet; Black Bullet; Black [5]
     CONFIDENCE: Bullet; Black Bullet; Black [2]
     INTUITION: x [0]
     LUCK: Bullet; Black Bullet; Black Bullet; Black Bullet; Black [4]

■ Powers/Abilities: Draugr have been known to possess incredible magical powers. Shape shifting, the ability to increase their size/weight, they could cause insanity in humans, cause animals to drop dead. Some could control the weather, phase through walls, or enter someone's dreams... Arnbjörn can do none of this. He did appear to grow in death, and his weight is far heavier than any human his size. But he can't become a giant or phase through walls. The only impressive feature of his new undead body (besides resistance to things like disease and cold) is his incredible strength. Arnie can lift the massive binding stone with ease and could lift most humans with one arm. While creating thunderstorms and shapeshifting would be cool, Arnie is content with his strength, and it is very fitting for him.

■ Background:
Arnbjörn was an incredible warrior in 14th century Norway. He lived through battles where his allies were slaughtered and survived injuries that should have killed him. He was pretty lucky and earned the title of "Arnbjörn the Undying" due to his seeming inability to die. Of course he did die. An arrow through the heart tends to be pretty fatal. His body stiffened and since he died sitting up, he remained that way as he was put into his burial tomb. Since bodies placed to rest sitting up or standing were more likely to return as draugr a binding stone was placed in his tomb to keep him from leaving his grave if he were to awaken.
Coincidentally his title in life was fitting in death too. He woke up several decades later as a draugr. His skin was dry and leathery, his breath was cold and bitter and well... he was in a tomb. While in the beginning he had very little self awareness the binding stone was there to keep him from leaving to do what draugr do. He didn't have much else to do except think. He thought for a long time. Slept for another couple centuries. Polished the gold and weapons he was buried with. Slaughtered the occasional grave robber. In life he wasn't very intelligent but in death... he wasn't very bright either. He continued to build his body because what else was there to do for a dead man who was eternally grounded? 
Eventually he had an idea. A single good idea that took centuries to form. Instead of only being able to move within the binding stone's general vicinity, he decided he'd move with it. He fastened the massive stone slab to his back with a chain in his tomb and was able to leave while carrying the stone. Years went by as he wandered around the world (with the world's heaviest backpack), trying his best to learn about the world now that centuries had passed. His luck helped him out once more as he managed to hop on a large ship and travel to the US. He was able to scare a few people but things seemed okay? In his time when someone saw a draugr there would be blades, and screaming, and fire. For the most part it was just cautious glances. Arnie was lucky to find Indieville and decided to settle in, using the little gold he had with him to purchase some new clothes, and important things like a cellphone, music, and headphones.

■ Other: 

Bullet; Black Arnie is incredibly heavy for his size. And he's big anyway.
Bullet; Black Uses lotion almost constantly to try and get his skin to be softer.
Bullet; Black Uses the binding stone as a weapon in hopes it will break.
Bullet; Black Arnie is still learning about the world today and is constantly surprised.
Bullet; Black He had a gyro once in New York when he made it to the US and that instantly became his favorite food. Fast food was also a close second.
Bullet; Black Arnie tends carefully to the plants that make up his hair and beard. Gotta look sharp, right?

■ RP method: Discord, Twitter, Google Docs
■ Shipping?: I'd rather start out with friendships and go from there? Crackships are sometimes okay? But I would prefer you talk/confirm with me if you wanna do any kind of art or anything.
Apellon Kids
My original plan was to do little chibis like this for all of my characters in PMA... it just wound up being the Apellon crew haha.
We got Nessie, Grosvenor, and Lillywhite from left to right!
Also somehow all of my nerds with questionable morals are poison types? Wasn't on purpose haha.
PMA Activity Dump
Submitting a bunch of sketches and doodles I never submitted for the Activity check! Lol
For context:
(Top left): Joking in discord about characters wearing these booty shorts that read "Are you nasty?" on the butt and I said Dan would totally work out in them.
(Top right): Delaney will begin to copy someone's fashion sense if they like them. Delaney copied Shylock haha
(Bottom left): Hiram doesn't mean to be intimidating. He's just a giant fish. It happens.
(Bottom right): Eh. Mercer bust shot (not a fan? but needed more art in here haha)


Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
Hello! My name's Evan, you can call me that, or any thing you find in my username.
I just graduated (December 2016) with a degree in Design Technology so now I'll be looking for work.
I love to draw and typically my art will be pokemon and that's about it, haha.
Thanks for stopping by!


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